The New White Nationalists?

9780700624478Kelly J. Baker’s tremendous Gospel According to the Klan was published by UPK in 2011. We are excited to announce a new, paperback printing being released soon. Kelly recently wrote an essay for Religion & Politics.

“White people, the alt-right suggests, are constantly under attack and disenfranchised in American society,” Baker writes in the essay, which begins below. Please follow the link to Religion & Politics to read the entire piece…

The New White Nationalists by Kelly J. Baker

There’s a 1920s Klan pamphlet, The Menace of Modern Immigration, that is worth recalling in the lead-up to the current presidential election. Written by H.W. Evans, the second Imperial Wizard of the second incarnation of the Klan, the cover features a dragon with horns, fangs, and sharp claws vomiting people, instead of fire. A steady stream of immigrants, dressed in supposedly ethnic fashion, flows out of its jaws.

Evans wrote that America was founded by white Protestant patriots “with an inherent, kindred reverence for rightly established institutions.” Immigrants, he sounded the alarm again and again, would destroy everything that white Protestant men held dear: America, religion, traditional norms of femininity, masculinity, and patriotism. For the Klan, immigrants proved dangerous because they could change not only the demographics, but also the culture of America. If the nation were to remain white and Protestant, immigration could not be allowed. Much of what the Klan feared was the demise of the power and privilege of white Christian men.

“God,” Evans wrote, “never imposes insuperable burdens and obstacles upon his children.” God, then, would allow the nation to survive the perils of immigration. The nation did survive, but the 1920s Klan did not….     cont.