Balkinization Buzzes “Broken Trust”

9780700621224Stephen M. Griffin recently penned an entry for Balkinization about his new book,  “Broken Trust:  Dysfunctional Government and Constitutional Reform,” which argues for constitutional reform as opposed to dysfunctional government and flawed constitutional order. As Josh Chafetz, author of “Democracy’s Privileged Few” states, “…this lively and important new book…argues that many of the problems stem from our constitutional structure and that the answer lies in adapting certain state-level constitutional innovations to the federal government.”  Mark A. Graber continues, “Stephen Griffin has written the contemporary counterpart to Madison’s ‘Vices of the Political System of the United States.’  His acute diagnosis of the political ills afflicting American constitutional politics, their causes, and their cures is as vital to continued American constitutional development as Madison’s observations were in 1787.”