Lock K. Johnson’s “A Season of Inquiry Revisited” by UPK, NPR, and PBS — More Timely Than Ever

9780700621477Loch K. Johnson’s forthcoming “A Season of Inquiry Revisited: The Church Committee Confronts America’s Spy Agencies” serves as a timely read in relation to major news from NPR and PBS. David Welna leads NPR’s discussion titled, “Latest Domestic Surveillance Issues Conjure Up Church Committee’s Probe,” while PBS’s Independent Lens documentary 1971, not only tells the story of how the FBI’s COINTELPRO domestic spying operation was exposed, it also links the story to 1975 and the Church Committee investigation of US spy agencies. For the full account, be certain to acquaint yourself with Loch K. Johnson’s timely read, available for pre-order here: https://kuecprd.ku.edu/~upress/cgi-bin/978-0-7006-2147-7.html.