The Betwixt Years of William Howard Taft

9780700620012In a recent New York Times article on what makes a great ex-president, Professor Justin S. Vaughn of Boise State University features William Howard Taft and his work as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. For the full story of Taft’s years as an ex-president that led to the Court read Chief Executive to Chief Justice: Taft betwixt the White House and Supreme Court by Lewis L. Gould.

Washington Post Highlights POTUS’s Post-Presidency with Burton I. Kaufman

9780700618613Burton I. Kaufman’s “The Post Presidency: From Washington to Clinton” receives highlighted mention by the Washington Post in relation to Barack Obama’s approaching post-presidency.  “‘The Obamas’ moves are part of the ongoing evolution of the lives of ex-presidents,’ said Burton Kaufman, author of The Post Presidency: From Washington to Clinton. . . . ‘In the old days, presidents died after they left office. . . . What presidents do now, is they make lots of money.’”